Taichung Capital Campaign

For almost a decade, the Taichung City government has planned a major road expansion which will cut into the southeast corner of the campus. This will require a relocation of the main soccer field and track as well as the swimming pool. The new track will be all-weather surfaced, bringing numerous benefits to Morrison, not just for track and soccer, but for PE classes as well. 

Because the track and main soccer field will be shifted onto the current swimming pool location, a new competition sized pool with solar heating and state-of-the-art filtration system will be constructed. This will enable the swim team to host competitive swim meets. The present Morrison pool is a recreational pool that is too narrow and shallow for competition. It’s made even more shallow by the leak in the pool, about 15 centimeters of water leaks out every day. The leak creates a problem with temperature stability in the water, making it very cold towards the end of the swim team season – in the October through November time period. 

As the city government progresses with its road expansion in the southeast corner of campus, the school will need to be in step with the changes in order to maintain school security and safety for students. Construction work on the new Perimeter wall sections impacted by the current city work (along the track) is almost complete, as of February 2015. Work on the new swimming pool facility, soccer field, and running track has begun. Our construction schedule coincides with the city rezoning plans as they have started to directly impact our campus. 
While the Taichung city urban plan could be viewed as an obstacle, the Morrison Board, staff, and students are choosing to use this as an opportunity for updating and enhancing these 45-year-old facilities. To date, our generous community of parents, students, teachers, staff, and alumni have given about NT$25 Million towards the needed NT$75 Million renovation cost. Morrison is blessed to have such a caring community of supporters.  We continue to trust God as we step out in faith with these campus improvements. If you want to support our efforts and help us reach the full amount needed, please contact us at any time.   






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