New Era in Sports

The class of 2013 claims that they get the last of everything, from Mr. Jim Chandler’s last year of teaching, to Mr. Dan Robinson’s (’75) last year of coaching basketball, to our school’s last year of participating in the Far East Tournaments. But this is not only a year of lasts. As Morrison sends off its seniors, at the same time, the school welcomes a new conference, the Asian Christian School Conference (ACSC).
For years, Morrison has been searching for a conference similar to the APAC (Asia Pacific Activities Conference) where schools get together for sports and fi ne arts exchange. The vague ideal finally began to materialize with Morrison’s participation in the Nations Cup. “The Nations Cup was the catalyst that ‘got the ball rolling’” says Varsity Soccer coach Terry McGill (’83).
After several years of discussing and planning, a November meeting in Chiang Mai, Thailand last year solidified ACSC’s formation. Therefore, Morrison fulfills its wishes in establishing a conference. As athletic director Don Dwight (’74) puts it, “[that] broaden[s] the scope of [the] tournament[s] to not be all about sports but to also have mission [opportunities], service outreaches, and relationship building activities amongst the participating schools.” This new conference marks the beginning of a collaboration between eight Christian schools in South East Asia that hold similar values and beliefs.
Writer Arnold Bennett once said, “Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts.” Although the formation of the ACSC is, in a sense, Morrison’s ‘dream come true’, there are concerns on the disparity in athletic space, the facilities that each school has to offer, and the degree of commitment amongst the teams. There could potentially be a challenge in holding smooth regular rotations for different events between the eight schools. These difficulties of starting a new conference could, on the other hand, end up creating positive memories. For example, complaints on the bland conference name may be an opportunity for interaction between the schools through a contest for the ‘Most Alluring Name.’
There are other benefits that come along with the establishment of the ACSC in our basketball, soccer, and women’s volleyball programs. For varsity level volleyball and basketball, one significant change will be the upholding of international rules throughout the entire season. This change will eliminate complications in switching between American and International Rules that previous teams had to cope with.
Friends and families will also have the opportunity to watch home games in tournaments that Morrison will host annually. Other than a slight increase of competing teams, the soccer program will have comparatively minimal adjustments as our soccer teams have already participated in the Nations Cup for three seasons, For Morrison as a whole, the ACSC will give our school more flexibility and say in setting tournament rules and schedules. Principal Dan Robinson says, “Any time there is change there is disappointment. We all like our traditions…but time heals that rather quickly when the new experiences are good and exciting…We believe…that the competition will be good, exciting, and the experiences will be rich.”
Participating Schools:
1) Morrison Academy –Taichung, Taiwan
2) Faith Academy –Manila, Philippines
3) Grace International School –Chiang Mai, Thailand
4) Dalat International School –Penang, Malaysia
5) International Community School (ICS) –Bangkok, Thailand
6) International Christian School (ICS) –Hong Kong
7) Yongsan International School of Seoul (YISS) –Seoul, South Korea
8) Saint Paul Christian School –Guam
Events: Volleyball (Girls), Soccer, and Basketball
2013-2014 Tournament Locations:
-Girls: ICS, Bangkok, Thailand
-Guys: (not be joining the ACSC)
-Girls: Dalat, Penang, Malaysia
-Guys: Grace, Chiang Mai, Thailand
-Girls: Morrison, Taichung, Taiwan
-Guys: Faith, Manila, Philippines
By Maria Huang (’13)