High School in Kaohsiung

Morrison Academy, currently a system of schools with three campuses located in Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung, continues to grow and mature as it enters into its sixtieth year in Taiwan. In September 2012, the Board of Trustees decided to explore the potential addition of grades ten through twelve on the Kaohsiung and Bethany Taipei campuses. This extensive process required much consulting with school constituencies, strategic planning and prayer. On January 22, 2013, after again reviewing Morrison’s purpose and vision, weighing survey feedback, and evaluating technological learning tools, the Board of Trustees authorized the following minute:
MOTION PREVAILED to authorize the addition of grades ten through twelve on the Kaohsiung and Taipei campuses of Morrison Academy. The Kaohsiung campus will begin with grade ten in August, 2013. The Taipei campus will begin to implement the addition of grades ten through twelve when sufficient space is acquired.
It may seem unbalanced to have the Kaohsiung campus start grade ten in August 2013 and Taipei campus to have to wait. However, a similar scenario exists in Morrison history. When grade nine was first approved for Kaohsiung and Taipei in October 1995, Taipei started during the 1996-1997 school year. However, Kaohsiung campus did not start until 2000-2001, four years later when it moved to its current property. 
The Board and school administration are actively pursuing viable options for additional space for the Taipei campus. In light of the limitations of space on the Taipei campus, the Board requested that the Administration meet with parents on the Taipei campus for further exploration. 
This decision of adding grades ten through twelve allows students and parents more choices for a quality, Christian high school education. The implementation process with a new building being built starting October 2013 will require patience and diligence for everyone involved. However, with the support of the strong Taichung high school program and well qualified Kaohsiung faculty, the school is confident in a smooth transition for Kaohsiung high school students. 
In the last six decades, Morrison grew, persevered, matured, adapted, and remained faithful to its vision and purpose. As the school determines students’ needs, Morrison strives to build on the strong foundation and train students to be world changers.