Curriculum Background

The curriculum at Morrison Academy shall provide a continuum in each core content area as the basis for the development of perceiving, thinking, and problem solving skills. In this curriculum continuum, the student moves from concrete experiences to increasingly more complex levels of abstraction in critical thinking. Skills related to each area should be built upon previous learning and measurable performance objectives.
Since students come from a variety of educational backgrounds, effort should be made to identify the instructional level of each student in relation to the subject continuum, including alternative instruction, if necessary, which will motivate the pupil to achieve at an optimum level.
Through a balanced curricular and co-curricular program, there will be continuing emphasis on the spiritual, academic, social, aesthetic, and physical development of students. Students will be helped to develop a personal identity based on a proper understanding and acceptance of themselves as unique individuals, created in the image of God, to nurture interpersonal relationships, and to acquire a Christian world view integrating life with the Bible.
The ultimate purpose of the Morrison Academy high school program is to provide a curriculum that balances and facilitates the student's spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social, and physical growth so that students can glorify God. This comes from providing opportunities to integrate Biblical truth with educational knowledge and apply the synthesis to life situations.