Partnering Mission

All Morrison expatriate personnel are missionaries in the sense that they are led of God, contribute to the overall evangelism of Taiwan in a supportive capacity, and teach and disciple the students with whom they come into contact daily. Because of this, all head-of-household, expatriate personnel are required to affiliate with a mission. The partnership is intended to provide a connection to a bigger picture of the missionary endeavor. This relationship helps to reinforce the purpose of the school–to meet the educational needs of the children of missionaries throughout Taiwan, helping fulfill Christ’s commission to go into all the world. Additionally, it provides a link of fellowship, encouragement, and spiritual support outside the school community and potentially some helpful links to the Chinese people. In some cases the missions are able to help in case of hospitalizations or accidents, translation for puzzling utility bills, and so on. Although Morrison also assists with these, it is helpful to have an alternate resource. The amount of help from a mission depends entirely on that mission organization. Some of the missions with a significant Taiwan presence are listed below. Missions’ expectations for Morrison staff that they partner with vary greatly but nearly all will expect some interaction on a regular basis, and some have other expectations as well.

There is no standard application process for affiliating with a mission. Each mission will vary in its application process. A good time to begin giving some thought about mission affiliation is when you send your application to the school. Morrison Academy has two categories of mission affiliation, i.e. mission partner (finances come directly from Morrison) and mission supported (finances are handled by the mission).
Mission Partner
All personel, even those not financially supported by a mission, need to partner with a mission. Partnership with a mission will hopefully provide a measure of support on the field. Usually, this comes in the form of fellowship. Due to the size of the mission and in which cities the mission has people deployed, some missions are better equipped at providing support than others. Mission partnership needs to be established within the initial semester of employment.
Mission Supported
Personnel may be hired through a mission. In such instances, the staff member’s support comes through deputation and/or their mission. A salary stipend is paid by the school to the supporting mission. If you are interested in pursuing mission supported status, you must go through both the mission application process as well as Morrison Academy’s application process. It is best to go through the school application process before going too far in the mission application process. If you are interested in mission supported status please contact the  Director of Human Services.
Mission Contact Information
 It is recommended that you contact the field/area director of the mission organization you are interested in to start the process in becoming affiliated. The following are a few of the missions that Morrison personnel partner with. This list is by no means complete.