Morrison Health Bulletin

Last updated: 2020/04/10 8:10 PM Taipei time (GMT +8) 


April 10th, 2020

Morrison Academy’s Crisis Management Committee (CMC) convened to once again address school procedures in light of Covid-19. After an in-depth discussion among its CMC members, Morrison will be initiating new procedures and strengthening established ones based on recommendations from the Taiwan Center for Disease Control (CDC). This is being done to further ensure optimal health and safety of our staff and students. These include:

  • asking all staff and students to wear masks at all times during the school day when social distancing cannot be maintained
  • implementing social distancing measures during lunch, chapels, and all other activities
  • gathering Tomb-Sweeping Festival travel survey data*

*At the government’s recommendation, any staff or student who had been to one of the eleven crowded scenic areas as specified by the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) are to be conducting self-monitoring.

Getting Masks?

For any parent or staff member who is unsure of how to get masks, please view this presentation or follow the NHI tutorial here. Adult masks can be ordered online here (click “English” in the upper right-hand corner).

Classroom Use of Zoom

In consideration of the Taiwan MOE’s recent announcement regarding the use of Zoom in schools, we will temporarily suspend classroom use until further notice. With that being said, our Technology director has implemented several safety measures and in addition, Zoom has also implemented new enhancements to make it more secure and safe should we have an opportunity to use this product again.  In the meantime, if we need to return to online learning, we will continue using Google Meet which we have used successfully in the past.

It is in trying times like these that we see the best in the Morrison community. We want to commend all staff, students, and parents for their patience and flexibility.

April 3rd, 2020

Morrison Academy’s Crisis Management Committee (CMC) reconvened again this morning to discuss the reopening of school in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Barring any unforeseen circumstances, Morrison Academy will resume face-to-face, classroom learning on Monday, April 13th. Information regarding the status of any campus-specific co-curricular activities will be communicated to parents and staff by campus principals.

Additionally, a travel survey will be sent to all staff and parents and must be completed before the return to school on April 13th. As mentioned in previous communications, Morrison has worked hard over the past several weeks to make our campuses safe learning environments. As such, any staff member or student who chooses to travel overseas during Easter break will not be allowed on campus for 14 days after returning to Taiwan. Any absences incurred during that quarantine will be unexcused. If anyone in a household returns from overseas, the student or staff member can not come to school for 14 days. 

Morrison would also like to make parents and staff aware of the two criteria that would force a return to online learning:

  • Scenario 1: Taiwan government requires all schools to switch to online learning
  • Scenario 2: a confirmed case of Covid-19 on campus (that particular campus would then switch to 2 weeks of online learning immediately)

The CMC will continue to monitor the situation throughout Easter break. Any additional decisions made during that time will be communicated to parents and staff in as timely a manner as circumstances allow.

Your prayers and patience during this time are much appreciated.

March 23rd, 2020

The Morrison Academy’s Crisis Management Committee (CMC) reconvened again this morning to discuss school procedures in regard to recent developments in the Covid-19 pandemic.

Beginning on Tuesday, March 24th, Morrison Academy will be switching to online learning for a period of 9 days, through Friday, April 3rd. This decision was made after carefully considering the impact of several contributing factors:

  • health and safety of our students, staff, community
  • the growing number of absences on the respective campuses
  • minimizing travel-related complications with families who were affected with self-management or quarantine restrictions
  • the difficulty of providing quality classroom instruction and supporting absent students

The advantages of this immediate transition to online learning bring to the Morrison community include:

  • prevents any potential spread of the virus
  • enables teachers to deliver class content in a single format
  • reduces potentiality for misunderstandings among the community about family members and alumni who recently returned to Taiwan on quarantine status
  • makes campus logistics and safety easier to maintain

During the period of online learning and Easter break, we would also ask families and alumni to follow all mandatory quarantine and self-health management procedures as outlined by the Taiwan government. It is also important parents use discretion when allowing their children to socialize or study with other groups of students. 

A full week of Easter break follows the final day of online learning. Morrison hopes that these measures taken now will enable all students and staff to return to campus on Monday (April 13).

Morrison Academy would like once again to state its appreciation of the Taiwan government’s handling of the Covid-19 situation from its first days until now. The cooperation among the Taiwan CDC, MOE, and other agencies as they focus on protecting people in this nation against the virus has been praiseworthy. 

Your patience, understanding, and flexibility at this unprecedented time are very much appreciated.

March 19th, 2020

Morrison Academy’s Crisis Management Committee (CMC) reconvened this morning to once again discuss school procedures in regard to recent developments in the Covid-19 pandemic.

The CMC would like to announce a new phase of our safety protocol:

In order to protect all our students, anyone living with someone who is in Self-Health Management or Home Quarantine is not allowed on campus until the management or quarantine period is completed. Family members returning from any level 2 or level 3 areas, as well as everyone in their household, may not enter the campus until 14 days after their arrival date.

With these increased safeguards and due to its relatively small community size, Morrison Academy is confident that it can safely continue its main focus: to continue providing a biblically integrated, quality education to students. In the event that the Ministry of Education (MOE) or the Taiwan Center for Disease Control (CDC) close all schools, Morrison is prepared to switch to online learning immediately.

The CMC would like to show its sincere gratitude to the efforts of the Taiwanese government at all levels to protect the nation. Their quick, efficient protocols in border control, tracking patients and potential contacts, and pre-emptive quarantine measures have won them praise worldwide. The CMC is also thankful for the many hard-working, front-line healthcare workers who have done so much on the public’s behalf.

Morrison Academy has continued to follow all Taiwan government regulations throughout these past months. The CMC would like to assure parents, staff, and students that our commitment to provide a safe, healthy learning environment for all Morrison students remains the same today. In fact, we have been implementing additional strategies to boost on-campus safety, i.e. families who have students returning from overseas must fill out a travel survey and quarantines are being initiated accordingly. We have strengthened campus cleaning procedures and instituted strict monitoring of all co-curricular activities, even going so far as canceling many of them. Morrison has also restricted campus access, not allowing visitors or returning alumni to enter.

As always, your patience, prayers, and flexibility at this unprecedented time are so very appreciated.


Taiwan CDC Travel Advisories

Visitors and alumni returning to Taiwan are strongly advised to check the link below to the Taiwan CDC travel advisories and warnings page for the latest information and how it may affect your travel plans. Travelers to Taiwan should also adhere to CDC quarantine requirements. 

Taiwan CDC Travel Advisories and Warnings (displayed using Google Translate)

(Section titled “Severe special infectious pneumonia”.)

The original language (Mandarin) link is provided here:


Quarantine Guide for Visitors and Alumni Returning to Taiwan

Location Visited Government Action Morrison Action
traveled to any level 3* area before arriving in Taiwan (including transit) mandatory 14-day quarantine
(don’t go to school or work)
mandatory 14-day quarantine
(don’t go to school or work)
traveled to any level 1 or 2 areas before arriving in Taiwan (including transit) self-managed health monitoring for 14 days self-managed health monitoring for 14 days
fever or respiratory problems + traveled to any level 3* area go to your local
Health Bureau or call 1922
mandatory 14-day quarantine
fever or respiratory problems + no recent travel history or traveled in any level 1 or 2 area wear a surgical mask and go to your local clinic (not school clinic) sent home, fever-free without medication for 48 hours (Morrison precaution; government only requires 24 hours)

*No mandatory 14-day quarantine for those who transit through South Korea or Italy. 14-day self-managed health monitoring is suggested.

Source: Level 1 & 2 (English | Chinese)


      1. The fine for breaking quarantine or providing false information can be as high as NT$150,000 (US$4,962). (source:  English | Chinese)

Field Trips

For the safety of Morrison students, field trips will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and students will be allowed to opt-out via a permission slip signed by parents.

Ministry of Education Contingency Plan

On February 19th, the Taiwan Ministry of Education (MoE) released a contingency plan in the event of a confirmed case of Covid-19 at a school. (Original language document here.) The Morrison Academy Crisis Management Committee (CMC) would like to affirm that all Morrison campuses will adhere to the MoE’s plan.

Relevant specifics include:

  1. If there is 1 confirmed case of coronavirus at a school (teacher or student), their entire class will be suspended for 14 days. (kindergarten to middle school)
  2. If there are 2 confirmed cases of coronavirus at a school, the entire school will be closed for 14 days.
  3. If 1/3 of schools in an area (district, township, city) are closed due to confirmed cases, all schools in that area will be closed.
  4. If a student or teacher in high school or above is a confirmed case, all the classes they attend or teach will be suspended for 14 days. As always, Morrison Academy makes decisions based on the latest official, reliable information and will adjust them in accordance with newer data. Parents and staff will be notified as early as possible of any subsequent changes in schedule. Please carefully read the emails from your campus Principal for additional details.




馬禮遜學校危機處理小組 (CMC) 今天早上再次針對 Covid-19 的最新發展,討論學校的因應措施。根據中華民國疾病管制署所提出的社交距離注意事項,馬禮遜學校將加強下列新措施,以維護所有教職員和學生的健康與安全。

  • 所有教職員和學生在校期間若無法保持足夠的社交距離,則需全程戴口罩。
  • 午餐、禮拜聚會、和所有其他活動均需保持足夠的社交距離。
  • 請教職員和家長務必填寫清明連假之旅遊問卷*



您可以上網預購大人口罩,亦可至販售口罩之藥局排隊購買。口罩實名制 2.0 說明

教室使用 Zoom

教育部 4月 7日表示,各級機關及學校,在使用遠端視訊軟體時,不應使用具資通安全疑慮的產品 (如: Zoom)。因此,馬禮遜學校將暫停在課室內使用 Zoom,後續若有其他決定,再另行通知。本校的電腦部門主管已經實施了多項安全措施,如果我們將來還有機會再使用 Zoom 的話,Zoom 其實也加強了新的功能,增加其安全性。此外,萬一我們將來需要再轉換為線上學習時,我們會繼續使用原本已經成功使用過的 Google Meet。

在這樣的時候,我們更看見馬禮遜社群的美好! 在此感謝所有教職員、學生、和家長的耐心與所展現的彈性!


馬禮遜學校危機處理小組 (CMC) 今天早上再次針對新冠病毒肺炎大流行的最新發展,討論學校的因應措施。

如果接下來沒有任何特殊情況發生,馬禮遜學校將於4月13日(週一) 開始恢復面對面的課室學習。各校區校長將與家長和教職員說明各校區課外活動之規劃。

此外,學校將寄發旅遊問卷給所有教職員和家長,請務必於4/13返校前填寫完畢並寄回學校。過去這一段時間,馬禮遜學校非常努力確保各校區為安全的學習環境,因此,任何教職員或學生若選擇在復活節假期出國,回台灣後14天內將不得進入校園 (居家檢疫)。任何因需居家檢疫而造成無法到校的情況則將視為無故缺席。如果同住家人有從國外回來者,該名學生或教職員在14天之內亦不得進入校園。


  • 中華民國政府要求全國各級學校均轉換為線上教學
  • 馬禮遜學校某校區有一名新冠病毒肺炎的確診者,則該校區轉換為線上教學兩星期

CMC 小組於復活節假期間仍將持續注意疫情的發展,在此期間若需做出任何決定,也會儘快聯絡告知家長和教職員。



馬禮遜學校危機處理小組 (CMC) 今天早上再次針對新冠病毒肺炎大流行的最新發展,討論學校的因應措施。

從 3/24 (週二) 到 4/3 (週五) 共計9天,馬禮遜學校將實施線上教學。這項決定是經過以下仔細審慎的考慮:

  • 學校學生、教職員、以及社群的健康與安全
  • 某些校區請假人數增加
  • 其他人並不知道哪些人需受自主健康管理或居家檢疫之規範,也不知道受規範的家庭是否做了其他防疫的安排
  • 提供優質課室教學和支持請假學生學習的難度增加


  • 防範任何可能的病毒傳播
  • 老師們只需用一種方式授課
  • 降低學校社群間產生的可能誤解,特別是針對那些家人近期從國外返台,需要居家檢疫的家庭。
  • 比較容易維護校園安全

線上教學和復活節假期間,我們要求所有需自主健康管理和居家檢疫的人 (包含校友) 遵守中華民國政府的規定,確實做好與外界隔離,也謝謝您為了大家的健康,暫時限縮您的行動自由。也請家長務必審慎考量是否允許您的孩子和其他學生進行社交或學習活動。

線上教學結束後,緊接著是一整週的復活節假期。馬禮遜學校希望採取以上措施之後,學生和教職員可以在 4/13 (週一) 回到校園,恢復正常上課。 





馬禮遜學校的危機處理小組 (CMC) 今天早上再次針對新冠病毒肺炎大流行的最新發展,討論學校的因應措施。請詳閱以下內容:


馬禮遜學校相信,由於我們加強了這些安全措施,以及我們的學校社群規模相對較小,我們可以安全地繼續完成學校的主要工作: 繼續為學生提供結合聖經原則的優質教育。將來如果台灣疾病管制署或教育部決定關閉所有學校,我們也會立刻轉換為線上教學模式。

馬禮遜學校的 CMC 希望藉此機會特別感謝中華民國政府各層級單位為維護人民健康所做的一切努力。他們對於邊境管理、追蹤確診者與可能接觸者、以及預先防範之檢疫措施等有效的作法已經贏得國際讚賞。CMC 也感謝許多在第一線努力工作的醫護人員為全民健康所做的一切!

馬禮遜學校在接下來幾個月會持續遵守中華民國政府的規定。CMC 藉此機會向家長、教職員、和學生保證,我們仍如以往,致力提供本校所有學生安全、健康的學習環境。我們已經加強了校內安全的措施,例如: 家中有成員從國外返台者需要填寫旅遊問卷,相關的檢疫程序也開始實施。我們加強了校園的清潔程序,也嚴格監控所有課外活動,甚至取消了許多活動。馬禮遜學校也管控校園進出,訪客或校友均不得進入校園。


台灣疾病管制署不定期更新旅遊疫情建議資訊,馬禮遜學校CMC小組也會隨之更新於本校網頁。CMC 小組鼓勵教職員和家長常常上網查閱最新消息。





旅遊地區 政府管理措施 馬禮遜學校措施
自第三級*旅遊疫情地區入境 (含轉機) 居家檢疫14天
自第一級和第二級旅遊疫情地區入境 入境後14天內,落實自主健康管理措施 入境後14天內,落實自主健康管理措施
自第三級*旅遊疫情地區入境 請主動與縣市衛生局聯繫
無旅遊史,或有第一級和第二級旅遊疫情地區旅遊史 佩戴外科口罩,儘速就醫。就醫時,應主動告知醫師接觸史、旅遊史、居住史、職業暴露、以及身邊是否有其他人有類似的症狀。 通知家長帶回家。在未使用藥物退燒後48小時才能返校。(政府僅要求退燒24小時,但馬禮遜學校要求48小時)


資料來源: 自第一級和第二級旅遊疫情地區入境者自主健康管理規定 (English | 中文)


  1. 違反居家檢疫相關規定或提供不實資訊者,將依「傳染病防治法」第69條第1項,最高可處新台幣15萬元罰鍰。(資料來源:  English | 中文




為防治「嚴重特殊傳染性肺炎」(武漢肺炎)疫情在校園擴散,以維護學生及教職員校園安全健康,教育部依中央流行疫情指揮中心於 2月 19 日公佈之建議,訂定以下停課標準,停課期程為 14 天。馬禮遜學校各校區均將遵守教育部之停課規定。

  1. 1 班有 1 位師生被中央流行疫情指揮中心列為確定病例,該班停課。
  2. 1 校有 2 位以上師生被中央流行疫情指揮中心列為確定病例,該校停課。
  3. 1 鄉鎮市區有 3 分之 1 學校全校停課,該鄉鎮市區停課。
  4. 高中有1位師生被中央流行疫情指揮中心列為確定病例,該師生所修/授課程均停課。馬禮遜學校一向根據最近的官方消息資料做決定,並根據新的數據調整所做的決定。我們會儘快將決定告知家長和教職員,校長也會以電子郵件將細節資訊寄給您,煩請撥空仔細閱讀。



Official, Reliable Sources 官方資料來源

Latest updates from the Taiwan CDC (English)


To reduce the risk of infection, please follow these simple guidelines provided by the WHO 為降低感染風險,請遵循以下由WHO提供的簡單原則

Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) 新型冠狀病毒

US CDC: 2019 Novel Coronavirus, Wuhan, China: 美國 CDC: 中國武漢2019新型冠狀病毒

Taiwan’s CECC Official Bulletins Web Page: 台灣衛生福利部疾病管制署新聞稿

2019-nCoV Global Cases (by Johns Hopkins CSSE) 2019新型冠狀病毒全球病例

Taiwan’s CDC Announcement Regarding Extension of Winter Break to 2/25 for All Public Schools (High School and Below) to Prevent the Spread of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus 因應中國大陸新型冠狀病毒肺炎疫情嚴峻,中央流行疫情指揮中心決定全國高中職(含)以下學校,延後2週開學 (中文)