New Staff Orientation

The orientation of our new staff to the cross-cultural experience of teaching in Taiwan is important to Morrison.  With that in mind, we have developed this web page for your information. Because many the answers to your questions will be addressed here, it is very important that you look at each part of this orientation section. Some of the information here is also available on the recruitment page. But because you now are a part of the faculty at Morrison you will see it with different eyes and most of it will be new to you. Please feel free to contact the Director of Human Services if you are unclear about a particular issue.

  1. Information For Finding a Partnering Mission Organization 
  2. Morrison Travel Information
  3. New Employee Information
  4. Work Permit and VISA
  5. Summary of Expatriate Employee Salary and Benefits
  6. PFO (Pre-Field Orientation) Information
  7. Curriculum Guides
  8. Collection of links on Taiwan