Employment Process

The ‘timeline’ listed below is intended to help guide you through the process of applying for a position at Morrison.

Steps to be done at any time.

  1. Explore our website to learn more about Morrison.
  2. View the Recruitment Video.
  3. Examine Position Statements for agreement with your own.
  4. Check for appropriate Job Openings
  5. Fill out the Preliminary Application to determine fit with our distinctive Christian culture.

What happens next.

  1. If Morrison approves your preliminary application, fill out the formal application packet and have references sent to Morrison.
  2. Before signing your formal application all potential staff should read the following policies.

After all paperwork is received

  1. The Director of Human Services will contact you to let you know that all paperwork is complete.
  2. If Morrison desires to pursue employment you will be contacted to arrange a time for an initial interview.
  3. Depending on the outcome of the initial interview, further interviews may take place with the Administrator and the Superintendent.

Most hiring decisions are made in December and January for the following school year.

  1. When a contract is offered, teachers are told how many days they have to respond.
  2. After a contract is signed new staff will need to read through New Staff Orientation.
  3. New staff will need to begin passport and visa applications. (This takes several weeks)
  4. The end of June through the first days of July, new expatriate employees and their families are required to attend a two week Pre-field Orientation in Houghton, New York.
  5. All new staff are required to be on duty in Taiwan at 8:00 am the last Monday of July.

Thank you for your interest in Morrison Academy.

Contact Information
Alicia Edwards
216 Si Ping Road
Taichung, 406, Taiwan ROC
(Tel) 886-4-2297-3927 ext, 501
email: recruitment@mca.org.tw