Feature: David Lin (’99)

Determined and consistent. Coach and Principal Robinson used these words to describe David Lin, Class of 1999. David’s life and achievements since graduating from Morrison continues to show his determination and consistency. His high school experiences and involvement has shaped him and taught him lifelong lessons.

As a high school student, David was involved in numerous activities including student government, yearbook, and an array of sports. He jokingly suggests that maybe “there were probably too many!” One of his favorite memories from high school was also a very defining period of his life—the summer between his freshman and sophomore year. David shares, “I was a really terrible basketball player my freshman year but I really enjoyed playing the game. Just before the school year ended, Coach Robinson gathered the would-be basketball players for the next school year and outlined a summer training program for anyone who wanted to be better. When freshman year ended, I decided that I was going to put forth my best effort to make the Varsity basketball team. For the entire three months of summer, I committed to Coach Robinson’s recommended training program. Since I did not want to bother my parents for a ride to school, I remember having to take public transportation from my house to the train station then switched onto the bus to Morrison so that I could practice in the gym and use the weight room.  I emerged from the summer a more confident, self-aware young man… and to my surprise, Coach Robinson started me as the point-guard spot on Varsity.” From his experiences, he learned to set goals, be successful in team setting, set aside time for self-reflection, and not be afraid of hard work and competition. 

After graduating from Morrison, David went on to get a Bachelor’s in Neuroscience at Pomona College and worked as a clinical research assistant at the City of Hope Cancer Center before completing a Master’s of Health Administration from the University of Southern California. Shortly after, he went on to medical school at Drexel University. Since graduating from medical school, David has completed a surgery internship at Taichung Veterans General Hospital and passed his Taiwan Medical Licensing Examination. 

Among his academic accomplishments, David has also many professional highlights including receiving Full Merit Scholarship from the University of Southern California, being named the Intern of the Year in the Department of Internal Medicine at UC Irvine Medical Center, and having his research accepted for publication. 

In addition to his career aspirations, David continues to be involved in numerous pursuits such as ballroom dancing and running. He has run numerous marathons and is currently training for his first Olympic distance triathlon which includes a 1.5 km swim, 40 km bike ride, and 10 km run.

Reflecting on Morrison and its impact, David fondly recalls that “the faculty at Morrison, many of whom I now call my friends, cared about my academic progress as a student but more importantly, they invested time, attention, and guidance in my growth as a young man. I encourage current students to realize the importance of relationships, to set goals, not be afraid of hard work, and to self-reflect.” Although high school is only four years of a student’s life, it is academically and mentally fundamental and crucial in a student’s development. Thus, Morrison recognizes its critical role in a student’s holistic development.

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