Feature: Charles Huang & Lena Lee (’92)

Lena Lee (class of 1992), who attended the Morrison system schools for 12 years, fondly remembers the sports teams and choirs she participated in as a student at Morrison. Reflecting on her time here, she felt that Morrison “carefully prepared her for the next stage of her life.” Lena and her husband, Charles Huang (class of 1992), chose to send their children to Morrison because they “wanted the same love to be poured into their children’s lives that they experienced.” They have noticed that Morrison students are “pure-hearted and really enjoy what God has given them.” Also, they described Morrison as “a safe and loving environment where children can discover their identities and develop their own gifts and talents to offer the world.” Lena encourages current students at Morrison to “enjoy their friendships before they graduate!” They are grateful for Morrison as the “school helps each student to become a better person!” 

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