Grant Details


Purpose:  Provide a resource for Morrison Academy to foster and encourage innovative and interactive learning while instilling in students the love of learning and exploration that characterized the life of Alex Herring.
Applicants:  Any Morrison Academy employee may apply for this instruction grant as long as the grant idea outlines how they believe the program will “demonstrate innovative instructional techniques that will impact a large number of students.” The application for this grant can be found in the staff links. (Alex Herring Grant Application)
Rubric Criteria
  • Application completed
  • Principal support and approval
  • Achievement of Purpose (rating: 1 no evident, 2 slightly evident, 3 moderately evident, 4 very evident, 5 extremely evident)
    • Innovative learning (a new method, idea, or device)
    • Interactive learning (characteristics or qualities of two-way learning)
    • Instill a love of learning and exploration
    • Impacting a large number of students
Awarding Grant
  • Applications will be reviewed within a two-week time frame.  Grants will be awarded throughout the school year.
Awarded Grant Responsibilities
  • Coordinate communication with Director of Learning to access grant money.  
  • Grant money should be spent before the end of the school year (May)
  • Immediate implementation   
  • Summary Report:  A brief slide show submitted to the Director of Learning by the end of the school year in which the grant was received.  The slide show should include:
    • Name of Project
    • Name(s) of those who won the grant
    • A slide (or more) describing the highs and lows of the project.
    • Two pictures (or more) of project in action
    • Recommendation as to whether Morrison Academy should pursue this project on a greater scale.