Privacy Policy

Personal Information

Submitted via Forms

Morrison Academy respects your privacy. The personal information (name, address, phone number, etc.) that you submit in forms on our site is collected by us and will enable us to serve you and to provide you with relevant information regarding your submission(s). None of the personal information that you provide using our forms will be sold or shared with third parties (see “Alumni Database” below for the singular exception). It is stored in a secure database and will only be kept as long as necessary for its intended purpose.

Submitted via Alumni Database

In order to facilitate communication between alumni, portions of your personal information (name, graduation year, city, state, and e-mail address) submitted to us through the Alumni Directory Form will be shared on a secure, password-protected page with other alumni. By submitting your data to us via the form, you are agreeing to and accepting this usage.

If you would like to request a copy of the data you’ve submitted or to purge your personal information from our records (Note: This is NOT reversible.), please contact our web developer ( using the same e-mail address through which you originally submitted the information to Morrison Academy.


Morrison Academy websites use cookies. These cookies do not identify you personally and merely allow us to collect data regarding unique page views and the general location of visitors (country). Should you not wish to use cookies, your browser of choice can be enabled to reject any or all cookies. Cookies may also be deleted from your browser history at any time.