Child Protection

Morrison Academy places a high value on children and strives to provide a safe, caring environment for our students. The school is committed to cultivating an atmosphere in which all students are treated with respect and feel safe and protected. Employees and volunteers assume the burden of maintaining clearly-established safeguards in all interaction with children.

cspnMorrison Academy is a member of the Child Safety and Protection Network (CSPN) that is comprised of more than 50 mission agencies, denominations, and international schools who have worked together to adopt and implement child safety and protection Best Practice Standards. CSPN was also established to provide a vehicle for these entities to collaborate and share resources when addressing child safety issues and needs. The Morrison Academy is a full member of CSPN; it has been independently reviewed by this organization and has implemented the key elements of the Best Practice Standards.

Form for Volunteers, Substitutes and Temporary Employees 義工/代課教師/臨時雇員申請表

Form to Report Possible Child Abuse 疑似兒童虐待事件通報表

Training for Volunteers and Substitutes