Help us create a great MakerSpace in our library for students of all ages to innovate using Legos, a sewing machine, and Arduino electronics!

150,000 NT goal reached!
THANK YOU to all who donated!

Rock Climbing

Students learn to balance risk and reward as they exercise on our Rock Climbing Walls in the upper gym. Help us give them proper and reliable gear to do so!

43,000 NT goal reached!
THANK YOU to all who donated!

  • Equipment List (click to view)

    Climbing Ropes

    About US$160.00 each (US$320.00). We will plan to purchase two ropes and cut them each into three – thus saving money and providing new ropes for all of our six walls.

    Climbing Helmets
    About US$20.00 each
    (US$120.00 for six)
    One for each wall

    About US$40.00 each
    (US$80.00) X-Large
    For HS students/adults

    Climbing Harnesses
    About US$30.00 each
    (US$300.00 for 12)
    Need two per wall for climbers (one climbing, the other ready to go) and one per wall for belayer

    ATC Belay Device
    About US$18.00 each
    (US$108.00 for six)

    Triple Lock Carabiner
    About US$13.00 each
    (US$78.00 for six).
    Use = by belayers

    Neutrino Carabiner
    About US$8.50 each
    (US$51.00 for six)
    Use = belayers/chalk

    Screwgate Carabiner

    About 11.00US$ each
    (US$66.00 for six)
    Use = one each wall

    Twist Carabiner
    About US$13.00 each
    (US$78.00 for six)
    Use = one each wall

    Chalk Bag
    About US$15.00 each
    (US$60.00 for four)
    Use = one each wall

    Kids Climbing Harness /
    Full Body Harness

    About US $50.00 each
    (US$100.00 for two) – will plan to order two

    Nylon Webbing
    About US$26.00 (20 yds.)
    Use = belaying anchor

    Storage Trunk
    About US$63.00
    Heavy duty/rolling trunk
    To keep equipment clean, safe, and organized

K8 House T-Shirts

House T-shirts for students and staff are a great way to help us promote team building and unity!

GOAL: 75,000 NT

Just 42,000 NT more to go!

Playground Equipment

Our existing playground equipment has provided years of fun and exercise to our students. Now, however, it is well-worn and in need of updating. Through your generosity, we can update our existing playground area and purchase new sports equipment to use during recesses and after-school sports programs.

100,000 NT goal reached!
THANK YOU to all who donated!

Outdoor Education Equipment

Outdoor educational experiences are valuable in educating the whole child. Help us buy proper, reliable equipment to develop social, emotional, and spiritual skills beyond the classroom!

60,000 NT goal reached!
THANK YOU to all who donated!

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Imagine eliminating distracting noises while creating an environment that allows students greater focus and attention in learning and testing environments. Help us place noise-cancelling headphones in our LEAP Center!

GOAL: 90,000 NT

Swimsuit Spinners (x2)

Imagine a machine that can spin 90% of the water out of a suit in ten seconds. A swimsuit spinner can! Swimsuit spinners would allow anyone who uses our pool to quickly and thoroughly dry their swimsuits. This will help prevent suits and other gear from soaking other items in a student’s school bag or locker.

118,000 NT goal reached!
THANK YOU to all who donated!

Apple iPad Air (x2)

The high school learning support classroom would like to purchase iPads to provide apps for reading fluency development.

25,000 NT goal reached!
THANK YOU to all who donated!

Zoom H6 Handy Recorder

As students learn to produce audio and video media, this recorder allows students and staff to produce a polished, professional sound.

GOAL: 158,000 NT

Canon EOS 80 D

This fine camera would be put to great use in Web Design, Audio Visual, Yearbook and an assortment of other classes to create very high-quality photos and video.

37,000 NT goal reached!
THANK YOU to all who donated!

Canon Camera Lenses

With your help, we can purchase professional, full frame, fixed f/stop telephoto zoom lenses. These are ideal for the low lighted conditions or fast past action of athletics, concerts, and plays!

GOAL: 143,200 NT

Mettle WP8 Mini Studio Flash Kit (Set of 3)

A small but powerful studio flash kit that would enable students to produce high-quality images for a plethora of classes!

8,400 NT goal reached!
THANK YOU to all who donated!

DJI Mavic Pro Drone

A great tool for getting sports footage and stage footage for larger, more professional settings!

GOAL: 48,500 NT

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