Salary and Benefits

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For details please refer to the Procedure Manual sections 500600 and 700.  Most of the following information is given for new expatriate employees. If you have questions, please contact the Driector of Human Services.

US$ figures are presented in this summary for your convenience. Approx. NT$30 = US$1.00. Actual salary and benefits are calculated in NT$. Dollar amounts are based on full-time employment.
Morrison employees are considered part of the missionary community with a comparable salary and benefit package. Salaries and benefits are set at a level which enables employees to meet their needs and the needs of their families.
Base salary is paid on a monthly basis. The first payday is July 20. Monthly salaries range between $1,389 USD to $1,864 USD depending on experience and educational background.  Because there is no social security, state or federal taxes deducted from the paycheck and Morrison supplies housing, most Morrison employees find they are able to save more than at any other time in their lives.
Employees will be entitled to matching retirement benefits based on 17% of their base salary. The school pays 10% and the employee contributes 7%. Retirement funds will be paid into an annuity of the employee’s choosing and in the employee’s name.
Morrison Academy tuition (excluding additional fees) is fully discounted (100%) for all dependents of full-time employees.
Morrison Academy salary and benefits are not taxable in the USA because they qualify for the foreign earned income exclusion. Many other countries have similar provisions for foreign earned income. There is a Taiwan income tax for Morrison salary and benefits which the employee needs to pay in May. Staff need to save for this. It is not automatically deducted from the paycheck monthly.
Morrison Academy provides assistance with and will reimburse costs related to processing a Taiwan (ROC) visa and work permit. Employees are responsible for the costs of acquiring passports.
Professional Learning opportunities are provided throughout the school year. Morrison helps pay for approved professional learning including Chinese language study.
The remaining benefits in this document are provided to employees and their dependants who qualify for Morrison’s head-of-household benefits.  See Procedure Manual 727 for more details on Morrison’s Head-of-Household procedure.
Taiwanhas a National Health Insurance (NHI) program.   The personal cost for a doctor or dentist visit is usually about US$5.  There is no ceiling on the amount of coverage.  The government does establish maximum payouts on specific procedures.  These payouts are widely accepted by Taiwan doctors and hospitals as adequate payment for services rendered. The non-working spouse and accompanying children can join NHI program six (6) months after they have their Resident status (i.e. after their ARCs are issued).
Prior to the activation of NHI, expatriate employee and their dependents may qualify for reimbursement of 80% of emergency medical needs and non-emergency essential medical services pre-approved by the Director of Finance. Morrison will supplement NHI by covering costs related to examinations for processing a resident visa, superintendent approved counseling costs, and semi-private hospital room costs in Taiwan.
Morrison will provide supplemental insurance for emergency medial care outside of Taiwan up to $1,000,000.  This coverage is provided by Talent Trust Consultants (TTc).
Most expatriate employees who qualify for head-of-household benefits live in school managed housing. Air-conditioners, refrigerators, stoves, washers and dryers are provided. Basic start-up furniture will also be available, but you will need to have your own by October. A rental deposit for school-managed housing will be deducted from the employee’s last payroll before the end of the tenant’s departure from managed housing. See Procedure Manual 760 for more details on Morrison’s housing procedures.
Only in circumstances where the school is unable to find managed housing (owned or leased) or where the employee is already housed, will the employee be entitled to a rental allowance.
A monthly child allowance of US$200 per month will be paid for each dependent child (limit of three per family) of head-of-household employees. A US$114 per month preschool supplement will be paid to families whose spouse earns less than US$7,143 annually and who have one or more preschool dependent children in the home.  “Preschool dependent child” is defined as a dependent child who is not yet enrolled in a five-year-old kindergarten program.
Cost for air travel will be paid for employee, spouse, and up to 3 accompanying dependents from their home of record direct to Taiwan at an economy rate. Thereafter, the travel benefit will be provided on a two-year cycle.
A relocation benefit will be paid for the employee, spouse, and dependents that are coming to Taiwan for the first time. Please collect receipts of your relocation expenses such as luggage, furniture, and overweight baggage.