Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does Morrison want teachers who embrace the mission?

    Watch this video featuring Morrison staff members answering this question.

  • Do Morrison Academy’s teachers need to be able to speak Chinese?

    Morrison is an American school and uses American curriculum, so in the classroom Chinese is not needed. Many Morrison teachers spoke no Chinese when they arrived in Taiwan and have thrived here without learning more than a handful of words in Chinese. HOWEVER, the teachers that take a little Chinese on a regular basis throughout their time here have a real advantage both personally and in terms of their ability to witness for Christ.Watch this video featuring Morrison staff members answering this question.

  • The base salary looks so low. Can I live on it?

    Most of Morrison’s staff save more while here than at any other time of their lives. Families with only one income have to be more careful than others of course but it is possible to live and work and eat out and take regular vacations while saving money working at Morrison Academy. Morrison’s expatriate teachers normally don’t have to pay taxes to their passport country (unless they have large amounts of income from some other source), and housing is provided. These two factors alone raise the amount of spendable income considerably.Watch this video featuring Morrison staff members answering this question.

  • How does Morrison’s retirement plan work?

    Morrison’s retirement plan offers employees the chance to contribute 7% of their base pay upon which the school will contribute an additional 10% to retirement savings. These funds may be directly sent to the employee’s investment account of choice on a monthly basis and held in their name. The investment account must be held by a bank, mutual fund company, brokerage or investment advisory firm, or other reputable financial institution.
    Since Morrison is registered as a non-profit organization in Taiwan, from a US tax perspective, Morrison salary is deemed as foreign earned income and is exempt from US taxes if you use the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion (FEIE) when filing your taxes (other countries’ regulations may vary). However, the tax exemption also means that you cannot contribute to an existing tax deferred or qualified retirement plan (such as an IRA or Roth-IRA) and may need to set up an investment account for your Morrison retirement funds that has no special tax treatment. After you arrive, you will be given the contact info for an established investment advisory firm that many Morrison employees use to help them set up a US based investment account.

  • When will I and/or my family covered under the Morrison insurance plan?

    There are two types of health insurance

    1. Taiwan National Health Insurance (NHI) – required by the Taiwan government.
      – Staff – will be covered the day you arrive in Taiwan. It covers almost everything from colds, fever, basic dental, and maternity to major surgery. There is a registration fee of about 150NT (US$5) every time you see a doctor.
      – Spouse and children – will be covered six months after the issuance of the ARC (Alien Resident Certificate ID card), which is usually shortly after the date you enter Taiwan. From July 1 until their NHI is active, Morrison will cover up to 80% of the cost of emergency care and non-emergency essential medical services, when pre-approved.
    2. Outside Taiwan insurance – Talent Trust Consultants
      – The Outside Taiwan insurance is more like travel insurance. It does not have dental or maternity coverage which is provided by NHI. There is a US$1,000 deductible per case per person and Morrison will reimburse 90% of this cost. Treatment like colds, sore throat, fever or other minor sickness will probably not meet the deductible requirement. However, if you get into a major accident or emergency treatment, you will be covered. This insurance covers your entire family anytime you are outside Taiwan and starts on July 1 of your contract year.

  • When and how do we receive salary?

    Staff receive salaries from July to June. New staff will receive their July pay in NT$ cash and can pick that up from the campus cashier anytime after July 20. For convenience, May and June salaries are combined and paid together in May. Normally, the salary is deposited into a NT$ Post Office (which functions somewhat like a bank) account, unless staff specify otherwise. Staff can choose to have all or a portion of their salary paid with a US$ check or direct deposited into a US checking account.

  • Where do we live?

    Staff will be assigned to a Morrison Managed Housing unit. The Taichung and Kaohsiung campuses offer on-campus housing but availability may be limited depending on circumstances. Some off-campus apartment housing units are a 15 to 20 minute drive from the school.In Taipei, off-campus housing is usually in apartment buildings within a 10 to 15 minute walk from school or an MRT station. Morrison provides major appliances like washers and dryers, refrigerator, stove (if the kitchen is too small for a regular oven a small convection oven is provided), air conditioners in each qualifying bedroom and living room, blinds and light fixtures. Basic used living and bedroom furniture will be provided for two months to give staff time to find and buy their own.

    See slideshows of apartments in Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung.

  • Is Taiwan a safe place to live?

    Let Morrison staff answer that question in their own words.

  • How long do teachers normally stay at Morrison?

    Let Morrison staff answer that question in their own words.