Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What is a transferable corporate debenture (TCD)?  
A:  Many international schools in Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea and Japan use TCDs. Corporations, like Corning and Nike, have asked if Morrison has a program to secure space for the children of their employees.  These students receive a higher priority in the admission process, but they must meet the same admissions requirement, pay all the normal school fees and are accountable to abide by Morrison’s standards of conduct.  A TCD may be transferred to other corporations but any transfer is subject to the approval of the school.

Q: Is this the first time Morrison has had a program like this? 
A:  During the Vietnam War era (1965-1975) Morrison contracted with the US government to provide education for all their military families based in Taichung.  When Dan Robinson, Tim McGill and Don Dwight were in high school roughly half of their classmates were US “military kids.”

Q. Why does Morrison need TCDs? 
A: Mainly due to expenses involved with city re-zoning requirements and because companies in the past (e.g. Nike & Corning) have asked Morrison to consider this type of program.
Our athletic facilities are more than 40 years old. The day of the Concert Under the Stars a student needed 14 stitches after being cut on pool tile and students get smaller cuts almost every time the pool has been used this fall. The track is a chronic polluter and the uneven soccer field often causes ankle injuries.  These TCDs will hopefully help us achieve the $75 million goal and begin construction this school year.

Q.  Could these TCDs cause some classes to be flooded with students? 
A:  The Board has authorized ten TCDs which is only 2% of the Taichung student body. Occasionally class size limit in policy #5205 may be exceeded for a TCD or unanticipated MK. In that case a teacher aid is provided and enrollment is brought back in line as soon as possible by normal attrition.

Q. Can Taiwan corporations purchase TCDs? 
A: Yes, a legally registered Taiwanese based company that meets certain requirements can purchase a TCD. For specifics please contact the Director of Finance.

Q. Can it be paid in installments? 
A: No, we have not authorized installment payments for a TCD purchase.

Q. Can a third party pay for the TCD or does the company have to pay? 
A: The funds need to come from the company. The check or transfer needs to come from the company’s account.

Q. What currency can be used to pay for a TCD? 
A: Only US$ and NT$. If paid in US$ the exchange rate will be calculated based on the current Morrison approved exchange rate.

Q. How long will TCDs be available for purchase? 
A: The Morrison Board has the final authority over all TCDs. Currently they have allowed us to sell the TCDs until all ten are sold or they end the program.

Q. Can an individual entity or clinic purchase a TCD? 
A: No, only companies or hospitals that are registered with the government and meet financial and size requirements.

Q. Will more TCDs be offered after the initial 10 are sold? 
A: No, not unless the board authorizes more in the future.

Q. Can TCDs be used at any campus? 
A: No, it is campus specific and each TCD will specify which campus it is valid for.

Q. After a company no longer needs a TCD, what is the transfer or sell process for the TCD? 
A: The company should identify a potential buyer. The proposed transaction should be presented to the Director of Finance who will gather the details and then make an approval recommendation to the Morrison Finance Committee. Once approved, the sale can be complete and the new company will be registered as the owner and holder of the TCD.

Q. What should a company do if they are interested in purchasing a TCD? 
A: Contact the Director of Finance at CorporateDebenture@mca.org.tw or 04-2297-3927 ext. 102 to begin the process.

Q. “可轉讓之入學權利書” (TCD) 是什麼?
A: 在新加坡、香港、韓國和日本的許多國際學校都會發行TCD。康寧和Nike公司曾經詢問過,馬禮遜學校是否有任何方案能夠保障他們員工的孩子進入本校就讀的機會。這些學生在符合學校入學條件的前提下,可在入學申請時享有優先錄取的順位。學生繳交全額的學雜費,也必須遵守馬禮遜學校的一切行為準則。TCD 可以轉讓給其他公司,但校方保留轉讓許可 (含轉讓之公司及金額) 的權利。

Q: 馬禮遜學校以前有過類似的方案嗎?
A: 在越戰時期 (1965-1975),馬禮遜學校曾與美國政府簽約,提供所有駐紮在台中地區的軍人子弟就學機會。當 Dan Robinson, Tim McGill, 和 Don Dwight 還是高中生時,同學中大約一半是美軍子弟。

Q. 馬禮遜學校為何需要發行 TCD?
A: 最主要的原因是因為學校部份土地位於台中市第十四期重劃區內,校內部份設施被迫遷移; 再加上以前曾有公司 (如: 康寧和 Nike) 詢問學校是否可考慮此種方案,學校董事會才決定發行 TCD。我們的體育設施已經使用了四十多年,需要更新。星空草地音樂會當天,有位同學在游泳池被磁磚割傷,送醫縫了14 針。此外,這個學期幾乎每次使用游泳池時,都會有學生被割傷。老舊的跑道則是長期的污染源,學生也常因場地不平造成腳踝受傷。因此,我們希望所發行的 TCD 能幫助學校達到募款新台幣七千五百萬元的目標,在本學年度開始進行相關的改建工程。

Q. 這是否會導致某些班級人數過多?
A: 董事會已通過發行十張 TCD,其名額僅佔台中校區學生總數的 2%。有時班級學生人數可能會因為 TCD 或臨時決定入學的宣教士子女,超過學校政策 #5205 所規定的上限。若有此種情況,學校會在該班級提供一名教師助理,班級人數也會儘快在自然情況下回復正常 (如: 有人轉出後就不再核准學生轉入,除非學生人數已少於董事會所規定的上限)。

Q. 台灣的公司可以購買 TCD 嗎?
A: 可以,在台灣依法登記立案的公司,只要符合學校規定,可以購買 TCD。詳情請洽總務長。

Q. 可以分期付款嗎?
A: 抱歉! 不能以分期的方式購買 TCD。

Q. 可以由第三方支付 TCD 之費用,或是一定要由申請之公司付款?
A: 款項必須從申請公司支付。不論開立支票或銀行轉帳均需經由該公司的帳戶。

Q. 可以用何種貨幣支付 TCD?
A: 學校只接受美金和台幣。如果以美金支付,將使用學校當時的匯率換算。

Q. 購買 TCD 的截止日期為何?
A: 所有 TCD 之發行均遵守馬禮遜學校董事會規定,目前董事會授權發行十張 TCD,所以在十張均售出或董事會決定停止進行此方案後,即不再發行任何 TCD。

Q. 個人或診所可以購買 TCD 嗎?
A: 抱歉,只有合法立案之公司或立案之醫院,且符合學校所規定之財務及規模才能購買 TCD。

Q. 十張 TCD 都售完後,是否還會再增加發行 TCD?
A: 除非未來董事會核可發行更多張 TCD,否則學校不會再增加 TCD 的數量。

Q. TCD 可以用在任何校區嗎?
A: 因為 TCD 上會註明學生就讀校區,所以只能使用於該特定校區,不能轉換。

Q. 當 TCD 之持有公司不需要再使用 TCD 時,如何辦理轉讓申請?
A: 持有 TCD 之公司應自行尋找符合資格之買主,並將所需之相關資料及轉讓細節 (含擬購買公司之合法文件及轉讓金額等) 交給學校總務長。總務長將針對所提出之文件資料向董事會財務委員會報告並提出建議。董事會財務委員會討論通過後,才能進行轉讓手續,新公司才能成為該 TCD 之新的持有者。

Q. 若公司有興趣購買 TCD,應該如何進行?
A: 請以電子郵件: CorporateDebenture@mca.org.tw 或電話: 04-2297-3927 轉 102 與學校總務長聯絡。