Choosing a Campus

Morrison Academy has three locations in Taiwan. The southern campus in Kaohsiung and central campus in Taichung offer kindergarten through grade twelve. Morrison has operated several satellite schools in other areas of Taiwan for students through the sixth grade. Morrison also provides some services to missionaries in Taiwan who are home-schooling their children.



Located in the capital city of Taiwan, it is conveniently located close to the MRT line. Students often come to school via public transportation. As an urban city school, the campus is all contained in one building with a playground and indoor and outdoor gym.


Taichung is the third largest city located centrally on the island. It is Morrison’s first campus and offers a 250 student body high school. It is the only campus with home-style dormitories.


While the Kaohsiung campus is in the countryside, MAK’s bus system allows students to easily access the school from the surrounding cities of Kaohsiung, Tainan, and Pingtung. MAK’s student body is around 250 students, with about 80 students in the high school. 

Choosing a high school program suitable for your child

Please see here for a comparison of the two high school programs.

How to Transfer between campuses

Please see here for the procedures on transferring campuses.