School Board

Board Members:

Back row (L-R): Will McKelleher, Ruth Ulstrom, Isomi Saito, Kevin Kimble, Joseph Swanson, Alicia Edwards, and Peter Dodd.
Front row (L-R): Rob Riley, Mark Dinnage, Bev McCrary, and Barry Owen.
(Taken January 2017)

Trustee Name Mission City Number of years serving on Morrison Board Committee Email
Mark Dinnage OMS International Hualien 5 Board Secretary,
Peter Dodd World Venture Taichung 6 Taichung Board Representative
Cheryl Dunn Formosa Christian Mission/Team Expansion Taichung 4 Governance (Chair)
Alicia Edwards Formosa Christian Mission/Team Expansion Taichung 12 Consultant
Kevin Kimble OMS International Taichung 2 Governance
Bev McCrary IMB-SBC Taichung 5 Board Treasurer,
Board Advisory Committee-Trustee Rep,
Finance (Chair)
Will McKelleher OMF International Taipei 2  Governance
Barry Owen WorldVenture Kaohsiung 15 Board Chair,
Rob Riley IMB-SBC Taipei 6 Board Vice Chair,
Taipei Board Representative
Gretchen Gates Ryan Hong Kong 2  Governance
Isomi Saito TEAM Taichung 5.5 Executive,
Joseph Swanson TEAM Taipei 2
Ruth Ullstrom OMF International Kaohsiung 1  Kaohsiung Board Representative